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Gerry Johnson

My name is Gerry Johnson and I live in Bellevue, Washington. I do architectural design. My goal for using hypnosis was to relieve the pain from diabetes and 68 years of abuse to my body. I traverse Fourth Avenue, back and forth across highway 405, and I kept seeing this Positive Changes Hypnosis sign and a phone number on the end of the building facing Fourth Avenue. I had experienced hypnosis in the mid 70's with some degree of success, so I decided to call the phone number and make an appointment to be evaluated for susceptibility. It was as successful as I had hoped it would be.

I have had significant success in reducing the pain, now called discomfort that has been bothering me. This is due to the various sessions I've been in as well as my personal coaching. It was bothering me primarily from the waist down and in my back. At times, the pain was disabling and made me not interested in any activities.
I began to notice significant changes in about the 3rd week of my program. It became increasingly better as I completed my second personal session. I was given a copy of my first and second personal sessions to utilize daily to help me develop a new way of thinking and let my subconscious mind deal with the pain. My wife has been pretty accepting of this as my disposition has improved. I'm not sneaking around eating between meals and I don't have the craving for sweets, potato chips, nuts, or the other things I would have normally been snacking. I've enjoyed passing this onto my friends as they've felt empathy for me and the pain that I've had to endure over the years. After seeing my excitement with the results, they agree that this seems to be a pretty good thing.

I've tried other methods in the past to control the pain such as acupuncture, massage, and meditation, but they really didn't get the job done for me. After completing my program at Positive Changes, I am confident that I will be able to lead a much more pain-free and discomfort-free existence. I know that this gives me an exceptionally more positive attitude, more ambition, and the drive to finally start exercising and enjoy it.

I think that the results of this experience will be permanent. I was able to accomplish self-hypnosis in the seventies under previous treatment. The positive changes in my life are almost immeasurable and certainly this can't be measured by any monetary value. I just want to live happier and I seem to be doing it. I'm now dealing with the positive side of things; I'm living the solution and not the problem.

I am able to participate in more activities because I am able to sit longer without having to lose my focus due to pain. I can also participate in the daily activities that before I wouldn't have bothered to because I focused my energy on the discomfort rather than what was happening. Simple things like just sitting down at the computer and working, mowing the grass, and wood working in my shop are easier now. I can now focus on what I'm working on. I think the combination of discomfort relief and a positive attitude is the greatest thing that I am receiving from Positive Changes. I definitely can recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to others. It has been very successful for me and with a willing attitude, can be very successful for anyone else.