Guest Profile

Gill Potter

Gill Potter is an astrologer,life purpose consultant and author of Sacred Paths Entwined & 7 Steps to living your mission successfully. This is the fast track to aligning with your purpose & living your mission with more joy,success and grace Gill works with clients -mainly women and women entrepreneurs who are at a cross roads and looking for more clarity and guidance to up-level their business and move their life and business into a better and more rewarding direction.

Gill shares her own unique challenges in aligning with her purpose and her story of overcoming severe health problems and transforming from being a nurse into living more of her true purpose and passion is shared in her first book Sacred Paths Entwined.

7 Steps to Living Your mission Successfully is the companion workbook and guides you to discover more of your true purpose in a concise 7 week process.

Gill offers VIP days,webinar classes, seminars, Coaching by phone and skype and small intimate retreats to women who want to follow their true calling too. If you would love to discover how to expand more fully into your business and life purpose then sign up for updates and occasional newsletter at Gill shares opportunities for you to experience her expertise and intuitive guidance to help you tap into your true purpose and discover the inner power to achieve and live it with more joy