Guest Profile

Girsha Andrea Steigler

Economist, EU related and international procurement expert

Orgasm coach, trauma healing and grief recovery specialist

Founder of the Empress-O method and the Conscious Woman Academy


Andrea helps women help women become confident in their orgasms so they can heal their past trauma and abusive relationships. In the last 20 years she has learnt hundreds of methods all around the world from the best teachers and masters. 


In her unique and holistic Empress-O method, she combines ancient traditions and methods learned all over the world with modern trauma healing and grief recovery.


By applying this unique holistic method clients reach true transformation with rewriting their old stories and unleashing the full potential of the WOMAN in them, which has already brought lifelong change to nearly 5,000 women worldwide.


Her special areas: any types of traumas, abuses, co-dependency, grief; female organ issues with breast, yoni or full body images issues related to selflove, self-acceptance, self-worth. She has tremendous amount of successful transformation with myoma, cyst, womb polyp, vaginal infections, endometriosis, vaginism, vulvodynia, infertility, and intimacy-sexuality-orgasm related challenges. 


Featured on Yahoo Top 10 as #4 Love coach across the world after Star Coach Matthew Hussey in 2021. She has been invited as special expert in Hungarian and international summits and podcasts. She has her own video shows “Women to Women with no taboos” and “Men to Women with no taboos” in Hungarian.