Guest Profile

Gisela Stehr

Gisela Stehr, Certified Feng Shui Consultant in Intuitive Feng Shui Founder/Director of the Emerald Feng Shui Institute IFSG Gold Member School

Gisela Stehr, a native from Germany, holds a Masters degree in Architecture and practiced for over ten years. Throughout her architectural career, the spirit of place was in the forefront of all her designs and Eastern philosophy her guiding principle. In the early nineties Ms Stehr's focus shifted dramatically as she discovered the Chinese art and science Feng Shui and realized that this practice represented what she called the "missing link" in architecture. She immersed herself in intensive studies of this ancient art in China, Japan and Bali, studying with some of the most prestigious masters and scholars, including William Spear, Roger Green, Nancilee Wydra, Lillian Too, Jon Sandifer, Joseph Yu; space clearing with Karen Kingston, and dowsing with Eric Dowett.

For Gisela Stehr the practice of Feng Shui means to create an energetic connection between people, places and sites, thereby bringing all aspects of your life into harmony. Gisela brings respect and integrity to her work and takes great joy in experiencing the positive changes that are brought about in the lives of her clients.

The art of Feng Shui has become a way of life for Ms Stehr, recognizing that the teachings support personal growth and are very inspiring and transformational. This realization, combined with her passion for teaching, compelled Ms Stehr to open the Emerald Feng Shui Institute in 2004, after having taught for many years at diverse public and private institutions. The schools' signature program is the Feng Shui Practitioner Training program. In addition the schedule offers an exciting array of other workshops in related fields. International Guest speakers are hosted every year, including I Ching scholars Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog.

In all her work Gisela Stehr's goal is to assist you with tools, techniques and resources to help you connect to your environments, the inner and outer ones and to enable you to live a richer, more intuitive life, by making choices inspired by the heart and your deepest and most cherished dreams.