Guest Profile

Glen Park

Glen Park is a healer, teacher, writer, workshop leader and trainer in the Alexander Technique and Chakra Healing Therapy. She has been practising these two healing modalities for over thirty years. She is a philosophy graduate and before training to be an Alexander teacher she worked in the professional theatre as an actress and playwright for ten years. She is also the proud mother of twin sons.

She has given talks and run workshops in Europe, USA and Canada, Australia and Japan, working with the general public, and with specialist groups such as actors and drama students, therapists and other body practitioners.

Her first book, The Art of Changing, is a thorough introduction to the Alexander Technique. Her latest book Chakra Healing Therapy; Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds has recently been published by Inner Traditions publishers. In this book she explores the chakras in great depth, as an embodied map of the psyche, drawing parallels between Eastern wisdom and modern Western research. Each chakra is examined in detail, with case studies and practical exercises to guide the reader towards a better understanding of their own chakras.