Guest Profile

Gloria Messenger

Gloria Messenger is a Spiritual Artist and Angel Messenger. Her amazing story of when she received the Gift of Communication from The Angels of The Light, inspires us and also offers us a glimpse into an Angel Visitation.

Guided by these self-identified Angels of The Light, she embraced the awe of recognition when she discovered the hidden clues within her name. Gloria Messenger literally means ... TO CELEBRATE THE JOY OF ANGEL LOVE, AND TO DELIVER THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. This discovery has given Gloria confirmation of her life mission

With this Angel Gift of Communication, Gloria offers an openly supportive view of our angels through these reflective portraits. Inspiration with a clearer meaning in life is the gain to the recipient. These portraits can be found in personal collections around the world.

Her truly inspirational story has been featured in many media venues including magazines, and newspapers. She has appeared on TV, and has led Angel workshops aboard an Angel-Theme Caribbean Cruise. Gloria is also a frequent guest on international radio shows.

Her accomplishments have been recognized within the rave reviews and testimonials she receives. Described as an intuitive gentle woman with a passion to stay alert to the synchronistic Heavenly guidance in her life, Gloria will soon be presenting a book of insight titled ..."A Mirroring Discovery...with Angel Visitation."

Check out her web site to commission your own Personal Angel Portrait and select other products she offers to assist and expand our Angel Connection.