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GoldenSun Wolf

I embody and live in a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies, however I associate more with my masculine side despite having been born a female body. As a child, I was very awake.

Then like many of us, I began to run away from the Truth. I wandered around for fifteen years, intentionally lost in darkness to my own demons. But the universe has a funny way of bringing us back to our Truth of Uncondtional Love.

One moment, I was standing at the height of my false-power--I even felt as though I was invincible and the next moment the Universe pulled the rug out from underneath my feet and I lost everything. That was four years ago. Not only was that  experience incredibly humbling, but it also served as the event that woke me up and and is ultimately the reason I am on this path of LOVE! Teaching and Healing that I walk today. It made me understand that as Sacred Humans our deepest Truth is LOVE and Only LOVE