Guest Profile

Grace Paris

Grace serves Paris Principle clients powerfully and beautifully by embodying the fundamental role of a feedback provider, graciously guiding clients to their own realizations and higher purposes. However, her journey to discovering this role was not necessarily a smooth one. Her life before the Paris Principle was perfect on paper, but there was a disconnection. By day she was teaching yoga and telling her students to love themselves, but her personal world was living in a shadow of a destructive relationship and family members who wouldn’t speak to her. She instinctively knew there was another way.

She turned her attention to helping people feel good about themselves from the inside out by studying Exercise and Sports Science at the University of San Francisco. She also immersed herself in the world of yoga, inspiring her to become an instructor. She was nominated by her peers as the Theme Weaver for 2015, a prestigious recognition for instructors, and she continues to practice in the tradition that she credits for literally saving her life.

Her yoga teacher introduced her to Rick and now the pair work together to teach high-performing professionals, athletes, leaders and celebrities to heal their wounds and create powerful new realities of abundance, love, success and fun.

Grace has earned her BA of Exercise and Sport Science from University of San Francisco, her professional designation of Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a Personal Training Certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and is a certified yoga teacher.



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