Guest Profile

Greg Davis

Greg Davis is a Dream Maker. Through his work as an author, world-class musician, and coach Greg is the unconventional artist in the world. He draws from his success as a musical entrepreneur, he is a master at increasing profitability and impact by inspiring artist to become possibility thinkers and virtuoso performers. In short, Greg is a Dream Maker. He will transform artist from thinking like a garage bank to performing rock stars ready to rock Madison Square Gardens.

From his start in a  garage  band in Kentucky, to working with  international  recording artist the likes of Toni Braxton, No Doubt, The Catherine Wheel, Tracy Bonham, and  Blessid Union of Souls, Greg leverages his music business acumen to coaching artist to achieve their dreams. Greg is one of the great troubadours of our time, he makes dreams come true for today's artist, performers, and entertainers.   Greg can also be heard weekly on his signature Rhythm of Profitability Podcast.