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Gwen Payne

Gwen Payne

Gwen Payne has lived and traveled around the world. The diversity of learning culturally has broadened her perspective on people, life and spiritual traditions. In 1983 Gwen attended her first spiritual retreat. From that point forward she integrated spiritual practice into her life, and completed a variety of trainings. Over the years she has fine-tuned her sensitivity to energy and her intuitive gifts, as well as creating her own unique approach to healing and coaching.

Gwen has been engaged in regular spiritual practice for 35 years and over that time has learned to love, respect, and honor energy and it's connection to the well being of body, mind, and spirit. She was exposed to trance inducing breathwork 30 years ago and finds great joy teaching others to experience pleasure simply by moving the body and breathing more consciously. Gwen loves to laugh and be playful during the process of deepening and clearing. Her belief and her experience is that spiritual practice can be fun, practical and grounded.

Gwen's passion is to hold space for people to come home to the truth of who they are. Through vibrational coaching and her knowledge of a variety of modalities, she shows people how to clear energetic blocks in the body-mind so they can experience the core of their being. Through her coaching process, Gwen inspires people to find ways to live from the heart, creating a life that is in alignment with the deepest part of their being.