Guest Profile

Heather Lynn Jergens

I used to believe that any disruption meant damage to me in some way, and chaos equaled condemning myself and the choices that got me there.

In the beginning, what I thought was reinvention was really a reaction to an event or a relationship ending. I did it to fix myself, I was the problem, and everything was a threat.

During my late forties, I started to really comprehend reinvention comes from within. Mine started as restlessness, the loneliness which was like a slow burn, the more I resisted the hotter it got.

Who could I become .. this question use to haunt me, like a death sentence …. now it guides me like a lighthouse.

This is the work I do with my clients: Transformation coaching, embodiment, and identity work, all blended with shadow dancing which is integrating the parts of us that we admittedly try to hide, run from, or mask.

The journey I call: Being Reinventable: Generating a certainty within oneself that neither the external world nor circumstances can take it, won’t shake it, and will never seduce it again.

My deepest desire is for my clients to embody, integrate, and uncage their own Phoenix they already have inside. They no longer pretend they don’t know how to choose liberation over suffering .. they know and own they can create either. They have evidence that they can endure the burn of releasing something they had a death grip on that no longer serves them and they evolve from experience unapologetic and unleashing a strength that arises only from walking through fire.