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Heather Lynn Temple

Heather Lynn Temple, of Heather Lynn Coaching, is a certified Creative Love Coach who specializes in helping people find their authentic selves so that they can attract their ideal match. She busts through dating myths and tosses aside dating games, focusing on doing inner work with her clients so they discover love from the inside out.

Heather spent the majority of her 30s stuck on the dating-game roller coaster and felt exhausted by her search for love. She felt like she just couldn't ever quite get it right and ended up far-removed from her authentic self. It was through her own struggle that Heather discovered the secrets to dating with confidence and finding love for her authentic self.

Heather has a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior and received a certification in Jungian coaching, with an emphasis in love and relationships. Heather helps her clients dig to the root of what's keeping them stuck in their relationship patterns so that they no longer feel stuck and can create the love life they desire.

Heather is also an avid writer. Her articles have been featured on MindBodyGreen and PositiveMed.



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