Guest Profile

Heather Markel

Heather Markel, skilled BullBuster and begetter of the BullBuster Caf leads small business owners in a crusade to develop unique marketing strategies that help their business stand out in the field rather than going out to pasture. Heather has found that the key to a unique marketing plan is a combination of vision, personality, and passion. In the process of tapping into each of these elements, heather helps clients to call forth the most vibrant, energetic and wacky parts of their personalities which have been shut down by attempting to fit into a life that's the wrong size. She creates awareness for her clients on what is making them feel stuck and powerless in their businesses so they can make the changes that will empower them to design a plan to attain their goals.

Heather is a certified life coach and an associate certified coach ACC who has gained valuable experience from her 21 years working in sales, marketing, and customer service. She speaks 6 languages and has lived, worked, and studied in 4 countries, which helped her develop a deep connection with Expatriates that continues to this day. Before starting The BullBuster Caf, she ran Culture Transition Coaching to help Expats transition to new cultures. She then founded, and still leads, The Expat Coach Association and The Expat Coach Directory, both of which help to market and increase the exposure of Expat Coaches around the globe.

In addition to a degree from George Washington University, focusing on International Relations, Heather studied at the London School of Economics, La Sorbonne, and Centro di Cultura Italiana in Italy. Her first business was Heather's Handbags, created roughly 10 years ago. She has served on the Board of Directors of The International Coach Federation since 2009, and recently became President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerces Business Referral Group BRG1. She periodically volunteers with the ASPCA, and with Big Apple Greeter, giving foreign tourists a New Yorkers perspective of The Big Apple.