Guest Profile

Henry Kimsey-House

One of the first professional coaches in the 1980s, Henry Kimsey-House is the Co-founder and lead designer of the thought-provoking, experiential learning programs of CTI and the co-author of Co-Active Coaching, the best-selling industry bible, now in its third edition.

An actor since age nine, Kimsey-House honed his insights into human emotion and the narrative process through classical theatrical training and years of stage, television and film experience. With deep conviction that education should be driven by immersive, contextually based learning and not dry information dumps, Kimsey-House is committed to creating richly engaging and transformative learning environments where retention approaches 80% rather than the traditional 20%.

He continues to develop new, innovative curriculum in collaboration with other dynamic thought leaders. He lives with his wife, Karen Kimsey-House, on the coast of northern California.