Guest Profile

Hillary Raimo

Hillary Raimo, Renowned Energy Healing Expert, Clairvoyant, Teacher, and Spiritual Life Coach. Hillary is the author and founder of the signature UNtraining Energy Series.

Her international client-base ranges from celebrities, top corporate executives, filmmakers, best selling authors, to thousands of everyday people looking for healing and guidance in their lives.
Her work mixes astrology, world events, ancient cultures, sacred sites, the paranormal, and esoteric systems into a unique tapestry of intuitive insight. Her writing focuses on combining intuition and self-empowerment, to see through the current paradigms of health and well being. Hillary focuses on researching and bringing awareness to multi-dimensional living.

Member of the Sisters of Honua, WisdomKeepers of ancient ways, and operates Pilgrimages and Elders Gatherings at Sacred Sites known to the Indigenous. A real live Sisterhood of women from many cultures who share in a vision of co-creation and healing.
Member of the Board of Directors for YEW, Yraceburu Earthwisdom is a nonprofit association of individuals from around the world organized in 2001 to promote EarthWisdom. The Community is made up of members from all walks of life and traditions. The goal of Yraceburu EarthWisdom is to provide experiences and encouragement to those living their eco-spiritualism, to educate and provide opportunities for transcending time and feeling connected in terms of grounded personal truth and fulfillment, as well as community responsibility and service.
Apprentice of Tlish Diyan, Apache Snake Clan, under the guidance of Maria Yraceburu, learning through a merging of ecopsychology and the Tlish Diyan living life belief system, revealing illusional foundations that have created dysfunctional relationships, discovering the truth of our identity and purpose. Through the apprenticeship we engage in simple rituals, co-create and facilitate public Taanaashkaada Gatherings, and become traditional community in the old style way of extended family.