Guest Profile

Hollis Colquhoun

Hollis Colquhoun has more than twenty years of experience in the financial industry. Starting out as an institutional trader and salesperson for a Wall Street brokerage firm, she later became one of its first female partners. Hollis worked in the Corporate Bond Departments of several New York firms then moved into the distressed securities market where she helped set up a new brokerage operation for one of Wall Street's masters of value investing. Three years later, Hollis stopped working to devote more time and attention to raising her three daughters. She also became very involved in local community projects and a nonprofit education foundation.

Two years ago, Hollis was hired by a nonprofit credit counseling agency and received certification as a Certified Personal Finance Counselor. Over a two-year period, Hollis counseled thousands of clients who were drowning in debt and in need of financial guidance. She also conducted workshops on budgeting and credit for local community organizations and New Jersey State welfare-to-work programs. Hollis lives near the Jersey Shore, and when not working with local nonprofit organizations or promoting financial education for women, she pursues her interest in martial arts. She has a black belt in both Karate and Taekwondo.