Guest Profile

Immanuel Legomsky

Immanuel Legomsky is the Co Founder and Executive Director of the Non-Profit www.Israel based in Safed Israel, near the Northern Israel borders with Lebanon and Syria.

He has trained 700 EFT Facilitators as an EFT Trainer of Trainers, and is a Matrix Reimprinting and an NLP Trainer, along with the many physiologically based methods of treating PTSD Trauma that he has learned.

Since moving from the USA to Israel as a young adult, his goal has been to improve society by empowering individuals, and family and education systems with effective techniques to self-manage arousal, and build compassionate communication, for healthy harmonious living. He designed this first ever EFT based Model City systems approach to preventing and resolving all levels of stress anxiety challenges including extreme PTSD War and Terror Traumas, because Israel has always suffered from constant terror and war. EFT was chosen because of its effectiveness, safety with no contraindications, and suitability for training all ages and mentalities to self-manage their anxiety and trauma challenges.

The Mayor has given Israel Trauma Care a Municipal Education Building and mandate to train, treat and network this entire city of 30,000 as a Model City that can be replicated worldwide. His Israel Trauma Care is also completing a Terror Victims Remediation Project using EFT which will be documented by Filmmaker Eric Huurre. The children and people of Israel really need this comprehensive proactive approach that www.IsraelTraumaCare .org is developing now for worldwide usage.Immanuel envisions Israel Trauma Care Model City Program as upgrading each individual's self esteem, personal compassion and quality of life, to fulfill societal goals of bonding whole communities to communicate effectively and harmoniously. The result of all his work is that EFT best empowers these goals by training individuals and groups to self-manage their arousal levels to behave compassionately.