Guest Profile

Izzy Kalman

Israel "Izzy" Kalman, MS, is creator and Director of Bullies to Buddies, a system for teaching the practical application of the Golden Rule to reduce aggression and create harmony. He has been the world's most vocal critic of the anti-bully movement and has been warning for the past thirteen years that it is bound to fail and cause an increase in bullying. Increasing talk of an epidemic of bullying has been validating his prediction.

Izzy is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and psychotherapist with over thirty years experience. He developed an approach for teaching kids and adults how to turn their losing situations into win/wins without anyone's help. It weaves time-honored psychological principals into a fun role-playing game that can turn a person's life around in as little as one session.

He has written books and produced videos and audio programs for solving interpersonal problems. He writes a Psychology Today blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying, and runs the website, Over forty thousand mental health professionals and educators have attended his full day seminars on bullying and anger control. His articles appear in many publications and he is often interviewed on bullying by the news media.