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Guest Profile

Jamaica Stevens

Jamaica Stevens is the author and project manager for “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future”. As a core organizational design consultant with VillageLab, Jamaica works with whole systems theories empowering people, projects and organizations to THRIVE!

She is also an experienced event producer, workshop leader, group facilitator, program developer, community organizer, project manager, writer and life coach. She is the program manager for the Lucid University, and coordinator for the Lucid University Courseweek, co-founder of Protectors Alliance, creator of Tribal Convergence Gatherings, executive producer of Awaken Visionary Leadership Summit, co-founder of Tribal Convergence Network, and has 8 year of experience as a consultant and Producer with Lucidity and other festivals. With a focus on urban and rural community Village projects, Jamaica is devoted to revealing the genius of each human and sharing collective intelligence to co-create solutions that benefit all.


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