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The Awakened Parent Project with Susan Dolci: Conscious Conversations, Empowered Parenting: Cultivating Spirituality in Children with Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Guest Profile

Jamie Lightner

Jamie Lightner is a Life Coach certified through TurningLeaf Health and Wellness and has a bachelors in Social work. She is the co-author of "2 Sisters' Misguided Manual to Motherhood," and the co-founder of the female self-love movement: Girl, I Got You.


For the past 12 years, Jamie has enjoyed working with clients personally and in group workshops. She works with individuals on self confidence and seeing their true authenticity. Jamie helps parents navigate the waves of parenting giving them tools that promote relationship, communication and accountability with their children. 


Jamie's motto is, "It's perfect not to be perfect!"  We are all amazing human beings and the only thing keeping us from seeing that, is ourselves.