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Guest Profile

Jane Matanga

Jane has over three decades of executive management and training experience, working in large financial investment services corporations including, NASDAQ, Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter, and consulting experience with Readers Digest. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience in personal and professional development, goal setting, career and personal strategies, assessing opportunities, career and life balance through transition and personal strategy development and is skilled at facilitating transformational results. Jane specializes in helping her clients develop deep self- awareness, bringing clarity and positive change to their life vision and aspirations and is effective at researching options and then consistently implementing them until successful outcomes are achieved. She excels in helping clients re-define old ineffective ways of thinking and relating to the world.

For those who want to create meaningful change in their life, Jane uses holistic modalities in an integrative and healing approach to transform your challenges, into opportunities for growth and positive change. Jane works side by side with her clients so that they can realize their full potential in life and create a more balanced and joyful lifestyle.

Jane studied Eastern and Western healing modalities and has a compassionate approach to client care. Everyone's journey towards fulfillment begins at a different level and place. It's crucial for us to understand how to navigate our challenges and obstacles.

Life Mastery is the art of living well. It comes with knowing when to embrace the challenges along the way, and knowing when to move away from situations, circumstances and people that do not serve your highest good. It's tapping into your higher guidance, which helps you regain your balance and joy of life. Jane lives a rich, full life. She is passionately dedicated to assisting others to do the same.

"Come and join me. Let me guide you and show you the way towards your own Enlightened Path." Jane


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