Get Your Goddess Groove On with Laura Hosford: When the Goddess Speaks Everyone Listens: Are you Ready to Get Your Goddess Groove On and Be the Change of New Earth Vibration?

Guest Profile

Janet Wiszowaty

Janet Wiszowaty is an expert in reinventing herself. Growing up her parents moved every 3-years and once she married she thought she would never move again. Six months later her husband joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and in their 43-years of marriage they have lived in 4 Provinces, 9 cities/towns and 15 homes. During that time she has created and healed from health challenges from fibromyalgia to PTSD and surviving a pulmonary embolism by not believing in a label. After 4 car accidents in 10 years with the last one making her sit in her sh*t until she realized they were all to help steer her in a different direction. 


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