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Janine Ouellette Sullivan

I am 52. It all started for me on the eve of my 50th. On my blog you will see the Journey Box. I made this for myself just before my 50th birthday. It is very much like the vision boards. I liked the box idea because life is always unfolding and I didn't want to restrict myself to a few pictures glued to a poster. The box is like a treasure chest that I can keep adding to. It has worked very well. Since that day I have added many things to my Journey Box. I can't begin to tell you how much of what I wanted to manifest through the box has happened including speaking to Dr Pat. Her name went on my journey box more that 2 yrs ago. I have a picture of her that I clipped from Aspire Magazine. that link you will see on Dr Pat's website So since then I have been published in Aspire Magazine and now part of this Pay It Forward with Dr Pat. Great blessings came from me taking the time to sit down in my own energy and set my intentions for myself. Unknown to myself the events of the last two years paved the way for this project.

I want to dream big and it took me awhile to commit to a project because I went back and forth between the concept of helping one person verses a group. I decided, because of the need of the area I live in, to do a food drive. As a student of psychology and spirituality I know how an empty table can destroy even the strongest person. I anticipate crime will rise, domestic abuse will increase and depression will be elevate because of the 12% unemployment in the area. I realized that filling soup kitchens and food pantries will impact on those issues in a positive way.

I hope you all enjoy my blog. It will be a combination of real situations, inspiration and empowerment. I like to hit life head on and report on the difficulties we all face and then move from there in a purposeful and positive direction.