Guest Profile

Jason Latham

Jason Latham is a kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher, a Usui Level 3 Reiki master, and an Ayurvdeic practitioner. Jason combines these modalities and other intuitive approaches to provide support as we all journey through healing to our most full and authentic expressions. Prem Bir is Jason's spiritual name. It means "I am a spiritual warrior with infinite love as my goal". Jason sees himself as a warrior on the path of love. Jason relates deeply to the Chiron archetype, the “wounded healer”. He has had to learn to love all parts of himself, light and shadow, as he has travelled along his spiritual and healing path, the path of the spiral. He has felt a life-long call to seek the Creative Source, God, the One that has always burned like a fire within him, even when connection didn’t feel possible. Living with an open heart no matter what the circumstances has been a constant invitation from within. Knowing his call to be a healing presence, he seeks to be of service. He lives in Nashville, TN with his two sons. Vegetarian food, 
waterfalls, ceremonial cacao, and music are some of the things that happily fill his days.