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Jay Fulop

My name is Jay Fulop and I'm a hair designer from Bellevue, Washington. I was overweight for years. I was to the point where I just wasn't happy with how I was feeling. I tried everything throughout my life, just to lose a couple of pounds. But you know what? Every program I was on failed to do one thing - change my relationship with food. Hypnosis has done that for me. I still like the taste of food, but I no longer need it as a diversion. Because of those changes I made with Positive Changes, I lost 105 lbs. and 15 inches in 16 months. I feel good My doctor is so impressed, he's recommended Positive Changes to some of his other patients. I'm ecstatic about this investment. There's no price on health, but this is the best and the cheapest program you could ever join.

I was overweight for close to 20 years. I felt out of control toward the end, and that's when I realized I needed to do something important for myself. My back, knees and feet were killing me. I think little things like that accumulate in your life. Finally, one day, they stare you in the face, and you look back and say, 'You gotta do something. As I said, I tried everything. I tried the point system. I did the shakes and bars, but I thought they were horrible. I also knew it wasn't good for me. I was driving to work one morning and heard about Positive Changes on the radio. I thought, 'Oh, I gotta remember this phone number. Of course, by the time I got to work, I couldn't remember the phone number Fortunately, I heard it on the radio again the next day, and I called as soon as I got to work.

The center was very professional and the people were delightful. I wasn't skeptical, even at first. I'd read about hypnosis and how it's used in operating rooms and many other areas in people's lives. I really didn't care about the cost, because I was ready for a change. If you do the math; how much you want to lose, the cost of the program, the time you'll be in the program, it's so reasonable it's almost unbelievable. Where else can you go for that? You don't have to buy any extra food, you don't have to buy food that tastes horrible, you don't go to those 'rah-rah meetings that actually do nothing for you in the long run. Positive Changes doesn't tell you not to eat anything. How simple can it be? Besides, there is really no price you should put on your health or on a happy life.

My changes started slowly and progressively. Within the first week I noticed I wasn't having the extra couple of bites I usually had. Then in the next couple weeks, I noticed some of my cravings were going down. My weight loss really kicked in full-force after the first month. My personal hypnosis sessions were the frosting on the cake, no pun intended. They helped me cut out cravings, binges and other poor eating habits. I now buy high-quality food and vegetables because I feel that's what my body deserves. I know what I put into my body now is what's going to give me the nutrition that will carry me into my old age, and I want to be a healthy older person.
I also exercise now. I love walking, so I walk once or twice a week and combine that with a little bit of weight lifting and water aerobics twice a week, and I have a nice, well-rounded program. I'm very contented with it. I no longer think about being in control. That's the whole beauty of this program, I don't have to think about it. I get up and enjoy what I want for breakfast and, when I'm full, I stop. I do the same thing at lunch and dinner.

My weight never kept me from doing anything I wanted to do, but you know what? Everything's easier now. It's easier to walk up stairs. It's easier to walk up a hill. It's even easier to sit at a table in a restaurant. I can sit in a booth instead of a table; I couldn't get into a booth before because it was too tight. My back and feet no longer hurt, and my knees are much better. What more could I want?
I went in for a physical about a year into my program. Of course, my doctor said, 'You look good When I was overweight my triglycerides were like 271, which is really bad. When I went in for my physical, my triglycerides had dropped down to 71 The nurse said, 'What medication are you on? I said, 'I'm on nothing. She said, 'Your triglycerides are 71 and you're not taking anything? I said, 'Yeah. They were so impressed, the nurse called me later to get the name of Positive Changes because the doctor wanted to send a patient there.
My family thinks my weight loss is great. Friends think it's great. The funniest is when people say, Now, don't get too thin. I get tons of compliments, especially at work. I like my improved appearance. I'm buying new clothes, and that's a lot of fun. I used to be at this weight, and I'm really glad to be back here again. Like I said, losing weight makes things easy. That's a really great joy in life, because nowadays everything is stressful, everything seems difficult. To take one little thing and take that pressure off of you, it's a really nice relief. I'm whoop-de-doo happy

Most other programs were quick fix programs on the surface, but they didn't affect my subconscious and weren't integrated into my lifestyle. These changes have become an integral part of my life. I don't eat the way I used to eat, nor do I want to. The biggest benefit I got from Positive Changes was positive changes There's no question I'd tell others about this program. I have already. It's an easy, simple, wonderful, nutritious program that anyone can follow and be really happy. And, one of the major reasons I tell people about Positive Changes is everyone sees me and everyone asks, 'What are you doing? I have to tell them.

I'm very happy with my program; it's given me great results. If you're ready to lose weight, all you have to do is allow the hypnosis to work. If you do that, you'll have success. Hypnosis is exceedingly safe, because it can't make you do anything you wouldn't do yourself. How much safer could it be? If you're thinking about going to Positive Changes, look at me I'm proof it works. And that's what you want. Everyone wants results and, with Positive Changes, you'll have results.