Guest Profile

Jean Adrienne

Jean Adrienne is an Empowerment Life Coach and the developer of the InnerSpeak™ Breakthrough Coaching Process, a method that creates permanent change for clients in as little as a single session. InnerSpeak™ generates positive results in any area of a person’s life: relationships, career, health and success, and is a form of Clinical Kinesiology.

She's an author, teacher, Internet talk show host, world traveler and financially independent entrepreneur, is creating Quantum Change in her own life, and sharing that with others, assisting them to do likewise.
Jean has a BA in Psychology from Florida State University, completed the 4 year Education For Ministry curriculum from The University of the South and  published 5 books – Soul Adventures, Reframe Your World: Conscious Creation In The New Reality, Power Tools: The Ultimate Owner’s Manual For Personal Empowerment, Realities of Creation and Reconnecting Soul Guidebook – PLUS 2 amazing decks of empowerment cards: The InnerSpeak Cards and Reconnecting Soul: 142 DNA Activation Cards. All are available on and your local bookstore.
Jean teaches InnerSpeak internationally and works with individual clients via Zoom, phone, and in her office in Tallahassee Florida.