Guest Profile

Jean Farish

Dr. Jean Farish has served as university administrator, professor, and rehabilitation counselor. She is an award winner of the global Transformational Author Experience Writing Contest for "The Long Journey Home" and has been featured on the cover of "PUBLISHED! And "BookMad" magazines. As a self- help author and Life Care Coach, her six month tenure in Malyasia was a pivotal juncture of her transformational journey. Immersion in an Oriental culture awakened her to the true essence of life and divine love-creative talents expanded as she volunteered and traveled to remote villages and indigenous communities. Driven by her mission of service and as Founder and CEO of Life Care Wellness PEP for Angels, she uses hers skills and talents to make a difference in the lives of people through personal empowerment and community enrichment classes. PEP For Angels serves children hospitalized with cancer. Serving humanity on a higher spiritual level is her passion and seeing people enriched by their own learning brings great joy. She realizes that as she teaches she learns and strengthens her own spiritual practice.