Guest Profile

Jen Boulden

Jen Boulden is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, public speaker, and media talent.

Jen spent the early part of her career leading business and marketing strategies for a wide range of corporate and nonprofit organizations including IBM, Hearst, World Resource Institute, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

Being a visionary, in 2001 Jen decided to dedicate her lifes work to creating true value by helping to catalyze the green business movement. After receiving her green MBA she founded The Anavo Group, one of the first successful sustainable-business consulting firms in the country. Then a few years after, the idea for the eco-email company, Ideal Bite, was born - and Jen fell in mad love. Its been said that Jen ran to create Ideal Bite like her head was on fire and she was running towards a well. Sending out one smart and sassy green tip a day, Ideal Bite quickly took off, amassed a loyal following of over a half-million subscribers, and was bought by The Walt Disney Company in 2008.

Known for her joie de vivre, Jen became a regular on the national television circuit. Through her media platform she helped raise awareness to things like the stupidity of bottled water, eating bison if you had to have a burger, and wearing vintage clothing for the hottest green look around.

To keep it real Jen hangs with a bevy of egg-laying chickens on her urban Los Angeles property, a corgi whos got so much personality youd almost swear she was human, several shelter-rescue cats, and her horse named Lou-Girl. Driven and dynamic, Jen throws dress-up parties at the drop of a hat, takes sabbaticals that kick her ass, and was a finalist applicant for the television show Survivor. Turns out you do need to watch the show if you want to get on it.

When not speaking at events, writing, or competing with her horse, Jen participates in the NRDC Leadership Council, is eco-renovating her house, and serves on the Board of the, a nonprofit that helps ensure our food sources by supporting pollinating species. Jen has a degree in Economics from William & Mary, and went on to receive a green MBA from George Washington University.

Today Jen is ever-more impassioned to help pioneer the next, more meaningful phase of the green movement, one that will be defined by a regenerative economy that respects all living things. Equipped with the hard-won knowledge that we need more than small steps to correct our course, Jen is now inspiring bold moves well, if shes had a strong cup of coffee, that is.