Guest Profile

Jenice Stebel

Jenice Stebel, D.I.Hom., DSH-P, has practiced as a professional homeopath since 2005. She received a Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy, graduating with honors. She then completed advanced homeopathic training, earning a Diploma in Sequential Homeopathy from the Homeopathy School of Houston. She has had a private homeopathy practice since 2005 and then beginning in 2007, worked as a full-time practitioner with the Homeopathy Center of Houston, specializing in chronic illness and autism spectrum disorders.

She has completed extensive training in the biomedical approach to autism with Defeat Autism Now, Bio-energetic layer testing for chronic illness with Byron White, German Biological Medicine, Thought-Field Therapy, and Neurolink's Neurological Integration System NIS. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University and is Board Certified in Integrative Health by the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Jenice also developed and taught introductory and intermediate level courses in homeopathy, and has been a speaker at Autism and alternative health conferences. She entered the field of Energy Medicine to practice Quantum Techniques due to her complete, drug-free recovery from chronic Lyme disease.

She lives with her husband and two children in The Woodlands, Texas. She enjoys being with family, reading, cooking, weight lifting, biking, and in-line skating.