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Guest Profile

Jenn Morgan

Branding your Business: Jenn Morgan, Founder & CEO of Radically Distinct


Jenn Morgan has spent the last 15 years helping businesses promote their brands and business leaders highlight their value in the corporate world.


A brand strategist and business coach, she has directed the personal brands of executives and entrepreneurs across the U.S. and around the world. And she has produced custom campaigns for companies big and small -- from Fortune 500s like Chrysler and Coco-Cola, to an entrepreneurial nanny starting a new business. 


An independent business woman, Jenn has earned a solid reputation as a creative problem solver in areas of brand marketing and advertising, digital photography, media production and professional development.


She has worked on her clients’ behalf to achieve meaningful gains and create stories of success -- reducing production costs, doubling and tripling sales conversion rates, and vastly improving clients’ capacity to attract qualified leads.


Jenn truly believes that living one’s vision of success is the highest contribution a person can make in this world. And her clients – doctors and scientists and lawyers and motivational speakers – have credited her skills for empowering them to expand their circle of influence and earn greater respect among their peers. 


As a trainer, she helps individuals leverage their talents so they are more productive and engaged with their work and as a result more effective ambassadors for their companies.


A Midwest girl, Jenn grew up in the working-class suburbs of Detroit, where she was a competitive figure skater and captain of her high school dance team. She now lives in Seattle WA, where she performs stand-up comedy and improvisational theater and studies acting.



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