Guest Profile

Jennie Miles

Jennie Miles received her B.A from Antioch University West in San Francisco in Community-based Economic Development a degree program which she self-designed. Jennie also worked in Washington D.C. for four years as a legislative assistant and researcher. Her career has spanned 25 years of experience developing and packaging community-based economic development projects in Northern California, Oregon and Nevada.

Over the past five to six years Jenny has been inspired by the writings of Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars series, and has been researching Sepp Holzer-style regenerative permaculture projects, as well other recent municipal projects occurring such as City Repair in Portland, Oregon.

Her passion is to make possible a new kind of land use planning, development, permitting and land management process to secure land in perpetuity. One of her dreams is to organize neighborhood clusters of permaculture-oriented landholders or renters into a kind of 'green' or permaculture zone trusts similar to the Cottage Grove Community Trust and Permanent Fund she developed in the late 1980's for the City of Cottage Grove, Oregon.