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Jennifer Andrews

Empowering girls through entrepreneurship is our mission. Being a business owner nurtures imagination, resilience, executive function, and practical life skills that we believe set a child up for a lifetime of useful thinking. Treppie specifically looks at the world through a lens of how it feels to identify as feminine, in a business world largely constructed for the masculine. Founder Jennifer Andrews spent years working in education, mostly in communities with less access to what might be considered “bonus” courses, like business ownership. This background, her own experience and challenges as a woman in business, and the contrast she observes in raising her own two boys, is the inspiration for creating a focused, intentional entrepreneurial marketplace for girls. While similarly positioned grown-up sites foster creativity, community and commerce by empowering makers to set their own prices and sell their goods, nothing similar existed for kids, or specifically for “girls.”

Treppie is one part education, one part community, and one part retailer. We love what happens when a girl builds confidence through the natural learning curves that owning a business provides. We also love that she can do it among peers - those who might share similar hopes and dreams, as well as some of the fear that comes with taking creative risks.