Guest Profile

Jennifer Farmer

Jennifer Farmer is well respected and a recognized leader in her field as gifted intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher. Her passion is to inspire people to tap into and use the power of intuition in their daily lives. People from all over the world and all walks of life seek Jennifer out for professional and personal development. She facilitates cutting edge signature workshops on developing intuition and spiritual gifts around the globe. In 2008, Bob Olson Editor of, named her as one of the Best Psychic Mediums.

Jennifer is a featured guest on many radio programs. She brings enthusiasm and energy to any broadcast. She is diverse in many spiritual and real life discussions. When she takes live calls, her professionalism and generous spirit is felt and heard by all who listen and participate. She has been a featured guest on many radio programs including Spirit Connections hosted by John Holland.

Over the past seven years, Jennifer created and marketed her series of healthy living guided meditations that included six professionally recorded cds. Her meditations continue to receive excellent feedback from her clients and students. In 2010, her meditations were featured in Yoga Magazine. In 2012, she created a series of free informational videos to on intuition, meditation and the Spirit world.


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