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Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. As a healer she has studied in three disciplines including Craniosacral, Polarity and Reiki therapies, as well as working with sound healing. She has been working in private session with clients from all over the world in person and by phone for more than 17 years offering unique solutions for living a pain-free life. She is also a marketer and has written a book called The Credibility Factor. Jennifer's dichotomous experience as a healer and marketing professional afforded her unique insights into the multiple models people use to manage their worlds. This coupled with her lifetime exploration into spiritual challenges and opportunities, and her training as a healer gave her the tools to write the BIG Book of YOU.

Jennifer also contributed a chapter in Joe Vitales best-selling book, The Key, with over 500,000 copies sold, in which she was featured for her unique healing release methods. Her contribution included techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs, and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotional blockages limiting expression and human potential. She also contributed a chapter in the new book By Keith Leon, Who Do You Think You Are along with Jack Canfield, Bob Procter and John Gray and will be in a HarperCollins book, The Vision Board, in over 6,000 books stores in the fall of 2008.

Jennifer created the BIG Book of YOU Thanksgiving weekend 2005 starting with the poetry and it grew from there. As she explored her inner spiritual world and how it works with her outer world, it became clearer that seeming opposites are all contained within the One. The book was borne out of that perception and through word and image it juxtaposes all of life. The BIG Book of YOU compares and explores the light and the dark of who we are. If we are all one then we are all that we see before us both good and bad. It would be valuable to acknowledge that what we perceive as bad is available to us so that we can release it, knowing it isnt really bad, it just is. The book helps to nudge us in the direction of acknowledging the dark while celebrating the light. Keeping these conceptsdark and lightso close together in the poetry makes it energetically easier to assimilate, find balance and let go.

Working with sound vibrations Jennifer also has several products that assist with healing. Her Soul Song Retrieval and Tonal Healing products as well as her CDs that cover many of the topics found in this book are available at