Guest Profile

Jennifer Zwiebel

Jennifer Zwiebel is a professional organizer and consultant based in New York City. Jennifer's path to both personal and professional organization was a hands-on learning process. Happily, she discovered that one need not be born organized in order to live an organized life, one could learn.

After graduating from Brown University with a double degree in Comparative Literature and Judaic Studies, Jennifer ran a small jewelry design company and worked as a clinician at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. Combining her business, teaching and organizing skills, Jennifer created a business that would enable her to help others find peace and order in their lives.

Jennifer's aim is to make her clients' lives easier. By teaching time management and organizational skills through hands-on work and by providing consistent support for her clients, she helps people conquer chaos and achieve their goals.

Jennifer is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and co-author of The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond, published by Simon & Schuster in July, 2005.