Guest Profile

Jeremy Lessaris

Jeremy Lessaris is the founder and CEO of Payment Brokers. His company shops and negotiates credit card processing services on behalf of his clients. Working for the client, not the banks and processors, he can guarantee significant savings for his clients, and on that promise, he delivers. For large customers he has literally saved his clients millions, smaller businesses usually save thousands.


What really makes his company unique is his company’s focus on ensuring his clients have a plan towards open source compatibility so they are not locked into high fees and antiquated software as the market and their customer needs change. A critical need for all merchants wanting to maintain relevance in a quickly changing marketplace where banking, mobile payments, and even currency itself is changing (think cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and direct person to person payments, etc..).


Lessaris has spent 14 years as a corporate executive in marketing, communications and technology. As a serial entrepreneur, he has built and sold many successful companies over the years. His true passion is helping his clients better position themselves for rapidly changing markets while also increasing their profit margins.   


You can learn more about Jeremy and his company at