Guest Profile

Jeremy White

Jeremy White is a Vitki, a Norse medicine man, priest, shaman, and storyteller. He follows the path of Odin in everything he does, using the Elder Futhark as his guide. He is honoured to speak Odin’s words, to teach his wisdom, and use his magick for healing and awakening. As a Vitki, he opens doorways to the unseen, and to the ways of our ancestors.

This is his purpose, to heal the Faery Accord, to mend what was once broken between the divine masculine and feminine through The Northern Gateway, as he draws back the veil of the enchanted realms for others to see. He is a teacher who knows the old ways, those simple, yet profound and magical ways that lead others to great transformations.

Jeremy resides in Glastonbury, England, and is a land guardian of the ancient Isle of Avalon. He is available for readings and offers classes so that others can expand and awaken into their own magick and medicine. He is also a speaker and author of Raising the Runes: A Shamanic Journey through Avalon.