Guest Profile

Jerome Braggs

Jerome Braggs is an Inspirational Speaker, Prosperity Coach, Author and Founder of Master Your Life Academy, LLC.

Jerome is Founder and CEO of Master Your Life Academy, a company offering personal development coaching for individuals dedicated to achieving holistic success and professional development for entrepreneurs seeking to achieve holistic prosperity and to develop a global legacy for their business.

He is an award-winning author, having written articles for several magazines and worldwide publications. He is currently working on a two book projects. One entitled, Healing the Incurable: An Inside Job, which details his own successful journey of healing from a life-threatening disease. The other entitled 30 Secrets for Transforming Your Life, which is a guidebook for achieving your desired success in any area.

Through his coaching practice, speaking platforms, Master Your Life Retreats and entrepreneurial training, Jerome is transforming thousands of lives by empowering people to unleash their inner champions and achieve top-tier success on every level.