Guest Profile

Jesse Kalsi

Jesse Kalsi is a renowned Astro-Numerologist who specializes in personal, residential, business, and sport readings. He strongly believes that numerology provides valuable insight on the power of numbers and how they affect our lives. His mission is to promote harmony and prosperity in the world. In his work, he combines his Eastern upbringing with his Western experience to bring awareness and understanding.

Over the past 20 years, Jesse has appeared on many radio and television shows as well in newspaper articles and magazines throughout the world. His unique perspective on Numerology has amazed his audience on the Gregory Mantell Show, KRON 4 Television, Clear Channel, KGO, CBS, FOX, Kerrang Radio UK,ESPN Magazine, and many more.

Jesse has consulted thousands of people and affected their lives positively. His clients include prominent business people, famous celebrities from Hollywood and extremely successful communication and entertainment companies from around the globe. He is the author of The Power of Home Numbers, which is currently in its 2nd edition.

A successful real estate broker by trade, Jesse Kalsi is also a Certified Flight Instructor and holds a commercial pilots license. He received his Bachelors Degree from the National Defense Academy in India and holds an LLM in International Legal Studies from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California.