Guest Profile

Jessica McKnight

Jess McKnight is a Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. Jess specializes in helping female entrepreneurs overcome religious (and other societal/institutional) trauma and programming, discover their innate worthiness and overcome imposter syndrome, so that they can stand out as their imperfectly perfect selves online, build a profitable, impactful coaching business and ditch their 9-5 for good.

When Jess was born she had multiple complications. When she took her first breath, she popped holes in both her lungs. Due to this, she was in the NICU for two weeks, and was told she would die. The result? She developed scar tissue in her brain which led to lifelong epileptic and anxiety attacks. As Jess grew up and took back the power in her life through her business, she learned:

  • How to reprogram her mind from past programming - so that she could learn she was capable of anything. 

  • She went from thinking “I’m too busy,” to – “I’m feeling overworked and overwhelmed and that’s exactly why I need to work my business – so that I can stop working my 9-5."

  • She taught herself not to care what other people thought.

  • She taught herself how to do things even though she was terrified.

  • She taught herself how to take action - even when she didn't feel like it.

  • And, most importantly, she taught herself to learn to believe in herself and break free from trauma and programming that had held her back.

Now she helps other female entrepreneurs do those things too through her digital programs and 1:1 coaching.