Guest Profile

Jessie Van Osselt

I felt ugly pretty much my whole life... And actually had several people tell me I was ugly! This made me feel insignificant, this made me hide my true feminine self, I wanted to blend in and not attract attention.


This affected how I showed up for myself in taking directions I actually wanted to take, ...! I kept hiding as it felt safer and more comfortable. If I hid, I wasn't judged and no one could hurt me with words. Does this resonate?


Thankfully that didn't stop me from chasing my dreams. Crazy right?


How could a girl who undervalued herself so much, end up with a career in fashion, as a fashion stylist??


It’s true! I did makeovers, styled for brands, magazines, videos, which led to my career as a model agent.


I taught models how to walk for Fashion Week, how to dress, how to act confidently in castings and on photoshoots.


Now I teach incredible women on how to show up confidently online, on how to navigate their self-image in this virtual world, going from knowing their best angles in pictures, to finding what to wear for a video or event and how to lead with presence and create impact.


But here’s the thing, the only reason I’m able to guide women through this process is because I first helped myself navigate the exact same feelings...