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Guest Profile

Jo Beth Young

Jo Beth Young is a modern 'medicine woman,' musician and artist who makes bespoke energetic tools to empower 'lightworkers' and all those that seek strengthening of their inner power and divine connection. As a singer and songwriter she is passionate about sound which she uses in a most transformational form during her 'illumination' sessions.

Her journey into the holistic realm started during her childhood where visions of angels and light beings inspired her interests into herbalism, crystals, philosophy and spiritual healing. Challenged herself with a long term 'incurable' and painful condition in her twenties, she was amazed to find that bio energy not only cured her symptoms but the illness completely. Since then she has followed her divine calling to help others and has gained a wealth of experience in dealing with a diverse spectrum of clients internationally.

Jo Beth has a warm natural teaching style that comes from solid experience rather than theory. Her passionate dedication helping others to experience and connect with their guides and angels has made her a popular workshop writer and facilitator in subjects such as Connecting with the Angels, Healing Voice, Children and their Angels and Creating Sacred Space.

She is qualified in Sound TherapyS.H Dip and registered member of the SHA, Angels practitioner Domancic Method of Bio Energy and has studied Chi Kung Bio Energy, Dowsing, Shamanism and Crystal Healing amongst many other holistic and spiritual subjects. She has also worked in nutrition as a chef for special diets at the Burren Yoga Centre in Co. Galway and has developed a popular three step program for creating sacred space for personal and global transformation.


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