Guest Profile

Jo Ingram

Jo is a former Ad Agency Director turned Business Coach and Podcast Host who combines her corporate skills in marketing and revenue generation with tools from spiritual wisdom to fulfil her mission of helping driven, over-stretched visionary female coaches listen to their intuition and find their unique message to magnetize soul clients and build business success in alignment with what lights them up.

Jo’s curiosity about what produces success in her life led her to understand that combining action with intuition creates magic.  From nearly dying in childbirth and building her family via international surrogacy, to finding meaning in her mission to help other over-proving, over-doing women find balance when she created her online business after being laid off from her 20-year corporate career during the pandemic, Jo is committed to taking aligned action and trusting her vision.

In her podcast, Action Taker Tribe, Jo dives into topics to help release blocks like imposter syndrome and fear of judgement and provides practical advice and connection for online coaches building their empires with ease.  She coaches 1:1 and runs group programs which elevate her clients to their next level of success with their soulful business mission.