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The Jenn Royster Show: Mercury Retrograde and Pisces New Moon Power of Mind and Soul Unite

Guest Profile

Joan Hangarter

Dr Joan Hangarter, known by many as Joan of Angels, is a transformational healer, visionary artist and a personal consultant for entrepreneurs, visionaries and others to manage these legendary times. She has had the gift of clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance since early childhood and uses these tools to assist you in letting go of blockages that keep you from remembering who you are. Her work aligns your body, mind, and spirit to raise your vibrational frequencies and access your special unique gits. In 2013, she received messages from her guides to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus becoming a visionary artist and channel who’s work allows you to feel the presence of Spirit. As an intuitive she will help you to gain clarity and to step into your true nature. Dr Joan’s latest work teaches you how to turn on your Master Healer Switch and increase your energy, vitality, and mastery. Find out more at


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