Guest Profile

Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is an award winning and bestselling author, angel expert, and intuitive energy healing teacher.
During her childhood, Joanne communicated with her guardian angel and has kept this connection to the angelic realm ongoing throughout her life. Joanne began her study into afterlife communication, angels, and healing from her early twenties onwards, and she soon became a professional platform medium and medium-ship teacher. In her early 30’s Joanne became president of the center of spiritual light, in Aberdeen, Scotland, offering instruction and demonstrations of afterlife communication, and at present, now in her 40’s, Joanne is the head of healing for the ASSMPI (American Society for standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.)

Joanne is passionate about teaching people how to connect with the angels, how to develop their intuitive awareness, and how to develop their own healing abilities. Joanne is dedicated to teaching others about their own spiritual anatomy - the body's "Aura and Chakras" so that they can learn how to "take charge" of their own energies to gain a greater level of health and vitality in their lives. Joanne's passion and dedication for her healing work has led towards her founding and creating her own intuitive energy healing school, called Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing & Intuitive Development ®. Joanne is an approved provider for teaching energy healing courses nationally throughout America. Joanne also teaches energy healing and angel workshops throughout Canada, UK, and Europe.

Over the last two decades, Joanne has performed thousands of intuitive healing readings, gaining valuable experience and a direct understanding of people's unique energies. She is the author of four books, which enable the beauty and power of God’s Holy Angels and energy healing to reach even more people worldwide - helping them to discover their own healing potential. Joanne has countless testimonials from both clients and students and her books have received wonderful  endorsements from bestselling authors and experts in their respective fields of healing and angels.

Joanne won the first place award for Best Author/Best Book in the Spiritual Connections Awards in the UK, and she was also the nominated finalist for Best Female Medium at the same awards. Joanne regularly works as an angel and healing expert for numerous mind/body/spirit magazines and has gained valuable experience as a healing columnist. She has been featured and interviewed by the local and tabloid press, even featuring on front page and center page news, which also helped to significantly build her profile and clientele. Joanne has appeared on television in both the UK and Florida, and as a guest speaker on Radio Shows in both the UK and California.

Joanne is passionate about connecting to and communicating with a higher power to help with the healing process and firmly believes that the power of God consciousness and divine light through to heal is the most potent forms of healing there is. One of Joanne’s most favorite sayings is “you have nothing to fear when the angels are near.”