Guest Profile

Jodi Hershey

Jodi Hershey graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Education. Her expertise is in Holistic Education for adults and children. She is the author of Thoughts to Consider with Love.

Jodi is a trained hypnotherapist in basic, advanced and past-life regression. For more than 15 years, she has provided support as a hypnotherapist, psychic/intuitive reader and spiritual counselor. She has worked extensively with sound, color and crystal healing which she incorporates into her readings.

Jodi’s gifts as a psychic reader include a variety of paranormal sensory abilities, among them clairsentience, which is the intuitive faculty of prediction. Clairsentience includes the gut-level capability to pick up a person’s thought and “know it” while also translating it into feeling. Jodi is able to know people empathetically by feeling what they feel. She can also “hear” thoughts via the faculty of clairaudience.

Through these psychic gifts along with her spiritual counseling, Jodi feels honored to be able to help people find their own unique gifts and discover their own true potential.

Jodi is the founder of Joy Journey of You. Joy provides books and services that guide you to living your own personal truth and products that bring healing, joy and meaning to one’s self and your living environment.