Guest Profile

Joey Hurl

Joey Hurl is a vivacious, lit up yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher who is the founder of Joga Wellness.

  • At Joga Wellness, their mission is to help bring the joy back into your life and create positive change through movement, breathwork and stillness. They help you expand your mind, transform your body and become the master of your own happiness. Their belief is "All you need is already within you", and their goal is to help you live the fullest expression of you. ♡
  • She also writes a blog in The Coco Hub  which is an inspiring online destination for anyone in search of wellness advice, yoga flows, delicious recipes and much more! 

Joey is a yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, and founder of Joga Wellness and transformational practice, Mana Kai.  

Joga Wellness is an all-inclusive wellness community created to nurture inspiration, motivation and transformation from the force of energy already existing inside you. Each workshop and class flows purposefully, creating a safe and intentional space to release layers of the past, grief, trauma, sadness, and limiting beliefs while continually illuminating the essence of your most authentic self. 

In 2021, Joey launched Mana Kai into the world - a transformational experience combining breathwork, movement, visualisation and connection, designed to reveal your truest expression of joy, health and happiness on a holistic level.

“I’m deeply passionate about what I do because I have experienced the real change these powerful practices can create after many years suffering with chronic anxiety. It's my mission to help you grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally in every class, coaching session, workshop and retreat. My moto in life is to “find the joy in every moment” and I’m here to help you do the same!”.