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Guest Profile

Johanne Osias M.A.

Johanne Osias was born and raised in Haiti and spent the majority of her childhood speaking Haitian Creole and French.  Johanne moved to the US in 1999 where she learned English in just 3 months.  Johanne earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Vermont, during which she fell in love with the field of psychology.  Johanne went on to earn a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Saint Michael’s College in 2010 and worked as a community-based therapist until March 2019 when she decided to walk away from the field.  After doing some deep soul searching, Johanne launched her wellness self-care coaching business, Chez Fabine “where happiness lives.”

Johanne's mission is to help mothers, caregivers, therapists, and social workers who don’t have support systems and who feel overwhelmed by everyday routines and responsibilities find balance in their lives through the avenue of self-care.  Johanne aims to remind her clients that self-care is the ultimate form of self-love.