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Guest Profile

John Castagnini

John Castagnini is the CEO/Founder of, best-selling author, and sought after authority on the dynamics between human emotion and Universal Principles. John's inspiration in life is to help you discover the hidden perfection that is already present within you, within others, and within everything around you. Thus, liberating the expression of your unique genius.

John Castagnini's original and often iconoclastic thinking has put him at the cutting edge of the personal development industry. Even though John is the creator of The Perfect Idea, which lead to The Power of Perfection Series, his original breakthrough came as the founder and creator of the Thank God I book series, seminars, and online community.

To his rapidly growing worldwide following, John teaches a method of experiencing the "actuality" that transcends our emotional "realities." Specifically, he teaches a technique of calibrating opposite emotions to the point of Perfection. The Perfect Idea shares how to overcome, honor and transcend ANY life challenge.


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