Guest Profile

John English

John English is the author of The Shift: An Awakening, an award-winning visionary novel Winner of "Book of the Year" and "Best Visionary Fiction Title" by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, and Energetic Tools for an Energetic Universe. John is currently working on his third book, The Little Book on Relationship, due out the first quarter of 2009.

John is a teacher, international speaker, visionary, entrepreneur, and modern day shamanic healer who is deeply concerned with activating the power of the human spirit to dream a new positive future for humanity, individually and collectively. His soul purpose is to assist others in making a positive shift in their lives and to live in the power of their Spirit. To fulfill this mission, he teaches and writes about a variety of holistic subjects, including health, intuition, meditation, energy healing, stillness, shamanism, and the medicine wheel. He is a family man with three children, and married to his high school sweetheart for 25 years.

In addition to numerous national 1-day workshops, John teaches the journey toward empowerment through DreamTimes Medicine Wheel program, a study of the Q'ero of Peru. The Medicine Wheel training is the journey of a personal path to power. As a modern day shamanic healer, John guides his clients towards healing and wholeness through a variety of techniques. All of the methods he employs are encapsulated within the context of working with energy and are geared towards the client experiencing their true nature. That is, the power of their spirit and remembering that they are a spiritual being having a human experience. He strongly believes that all of his work has to bring power, joy and purpose where it matters most - right here, right now, in this life.